PureAirS Air Purification System

Enjoy healthier, cleaner air like you’ve never experienced with the PureAirS. This purifier combats all three major types of indoor contaminants while also neutralizing odors before circulating your home. The PureAirS intelligentially maintains your comfort by sensing changes in climate, house activity and more. If you are seeking to bring an amazingly clean atmosphere to your home, then the PureAirS is the purifier you need.

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FeaturePureAirS Air Purification System
Filtration Levels: Hospital GradeMERV 16 hospital grade
Filtration Levels: Particles 
Filtration Levels: Bioaerosols 
Whole-Home Application 
OzoneReduces and destroys ozone
HVAC System CompatibilityWorks with communicating Lennox systems and the iComfort® S30
Filter Life1 year rated
PCO Cartridge Life1 year rated
Lamp Life1 year rated
Replacement Filter OptionsPCO replacement kits (same as existing PureAir)
Warranty10-year limited warranty on covered components