Air Conditioning Repair and Service in Naples, FL

HVAC repair and service in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Rely on Cool Zone for Your Southwest Florida Air Conditioning Repair and Service Needs

Cool Zone has been delivering top quality air conditioning service in Naples, Florida for more than 20 years, establishing itself as the AC repair company to contact when problems arise with your business or residential systems. Our Cool Zone technicians are highly trained and qualified to troubleshoot and repair all major brands of air conditioning systems and related HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment. Their expertise and experience provides them with the skillset to quickly diagnose any problem that may arise with an air conditioning or related system. Whether through minor adjustments or by replacing major parts, our technicians will have your air conditioning, heating, ventilation, or air purifying system operating like new and with the highest efficiency.

Air conditioner repair and service in Southwest Florida

Fast, Professional Service is our Priority

Cool Zone strives to limit any discomfort caused by a downed system with every effort being made to conduct same-day Naples-area AC and related repairs. To help meet this same-day goal, Cool Zone trucks are fully equipped with just about every HVAC part from all of the major brands in order to help keep our technicians on site and working on the job at hand. Our goal of delivering quick and efficient air conditioning repairs in Naples, FL, also means that 24-hour emergency service is available— just call us at 239-513-9199 immediately and we'll begin taking the steps to get your unit back up and running again!

AC repair and service in Southwest Florida

90-day Warranty on All Repairs!

We provide a 90-day warranty on all air conditioning service calls in the Naples region. This warranty service is designed to cover issues left unresolved by the original service call. If a problem arises within 90 days of the AC service, our technicians will return for no fee to further assess the problem. If the problem turns out to be related to a part originally replaced by the technician, then that specific part will be replaced and the system restored at no charge. If the assessment determines that a different part is responsible for the problem, then the service will be charged relative only to replacing and fixing the newly found defective part.

To set up a service appointment with Cool Zone, call 239-513-9199, or reach out to us online through our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cool Zone residential and commercial cooling, heating and air conditioning in Naples, Florida

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